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Intercomp won «The award for implementation excellence» nomination

Intercomp won «The award for implementation excellence» nomination

ADP, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM), hosted its 11th Partner Executive Convention last month in Budapest to reward partners for their accomplishments in the 2016 fiscal year. Intercomp won “The Award for Implementation Excellence” nomination for outstanding achievements in the implementation of ADP Streamline global payroll projects.

The prestigious award from ADP management was a recognition of Intercomp’s successful work in 2016: the company launched 35 ADP projects in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, all of which proved highly efficient. Intercomp is determined to maintain the momentum and is currently implementing 20 new projects in Russia and the CIS, including the first ADP program in Azerbaijan.

Commenting on the award, Ilya Panteleyev, CEO of Intercomp, said:“ADP and Intercomp have established a mutually beneficial partnership more than 7 years ago, and 2016 was particularly successful. Intercomp has launched over 30 ADP payroll projects in Russia and the CIS with excellent KPI numbers. Although we expected to win given the results, we of course didn't know for certain until the announcement — selecting winners by ADP is an independent and fair process. Reaching the final and being recognized for outstanding achievements in the implementation of ADP Streamline was a great joy and honor for our team.”

Automatic Data Processing Corporation (ADP) delivers global payroll solutions to companies’ foreign offices across the world via ADP Streamline. Partner of ADP since 2009, Intercomp has been providing outsourced payroll services to businesses in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, implementing the best HR practices and solutions designed by the world’s leading HCM provider.

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